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Leo and I have a really interesting conversation that includes:
• The difficulty of coming home after war
• The benefits of travel and exploration
• Finding a state of “flow”
• Road trips from Alaska to Panama
• Redefining success for ourselves





Bennett and Mike chatted with Leo as he sat seaside in Mexico drinking tequila in his favorite lil hacienda. Leo cruses south of the border in his retrofitted van catching surf along the way. He’s signing off from the digital world for the next however-long to finish writing his latest creation. And, his last contact with the outside world is?….Cigars and Sea Stories!





On for this episode is retired 3/75 Army Ranger Medic, and author Leo Jenkins. Leo served with Ranger Battalion for several deployments and played a role in the rescue and recovery effort of the fallen SEALs from the ill-fated Operation Red Wings. We discuss Leo’s current lifestyle as a modern day nomad who travels from country to country mixing it up with the locals. It’s a lifestyle and way of thinking Leo’s embraced that really helped him deal with his post-military struggles. We discuss his involvement with a unique organization called The Team 5 Foundation which deploys to high-risk locations globally teaching medicine and treating the local population. Leo recently deployed with Team 5 and we discuss what that was like.





Ranger Medic Leo Jenkins stops in to discuss his Army experiences, his challenge assimilating back into civilian life and his latest book “First Train Out of Denver”.   A modern day nomad, Jenkins is an exceptionally skilled writer and great story teller!